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Healing properties of Dead Sea

The dead sea have known for a long time as a place of health & beauty. You can see the influence of the dead sea in may kinds of diseases: skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, heart disease, lung disease and chronic eye diseases. Research discover that the influence of the dead sea is very similar to the influence of the medicines of the diseases. Recentlay, it is discovered that the salt and the mud prevent aging of the skin. It turns out that soon will be found many new discoveries about the healing properties of the Dead Sea.
The natural treatment which is in the Dead Sea is safe for any age and has almost no side effects.
In the last 50 years, centers of treatment were developed in the Dead Sea. Ben Gorion university funded many research there. The climate in the Dead Sea is a special one. There isn't such place in the world!

Dead Seas' water

The Dead Seas' water has a special composition anh high concentration of salt and mineral. 27 kinds of mineral as: Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Bromide, Chloride, etc. Some of the salt penetrate the human skin. This helps the inflence of climototherapy in that area.

The black mud

Research show that the black mud is good for pain relief. Mud relieves joint pain, muscle pain and has antibacterial properties.

The climate

The air is rich with minerals: Magnesium, bromine, the climate is hot and dry. The temprature is hot all over the year.

The Dead sea Climate room

The idea of this room is to restore in a room in any place the special climate in the Dead Sea, in May.
In this room you can have the same elements which there are in the Dead Sea: the temprature, humidity, ions of salts in the air, infrared radiation, voices of wind and sea. 31 elemant of the Dead Sea environment. The healing properties are increased by warming the room. Every visit in that room increses the amount of blood vessels in the body. This srengthens the imunne system, and prevents the aging of the body. This treatment doesn't cure but brings a great relief for several month.

How to use the climte room?

Spray in the bathroom Dead Seas' water on the body. Smear mud solution (the concentration of the salt & mud are 10) of the concentration in the Dead Sea. Sit in the room for 25-40 minutes. Breathe the air, full of ions and minerals and enjoy the classic music. Then take a shower, wear your clothes and go to the relaxation room to drink tea.

Imagine yourselves get a complete cosmetic treatment without going out from home, without traveling anyplace, and get sectacular results in facial skin and body, and a general feeling of health and rest.

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The Dead Sea - at your home!




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