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Peel-off Mask
Peel-off Mask
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Special formula of the mask is enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea. The mask has delicate gel texture and fresh scent. The mask is enriched with aloe and vitamin E, which have calming effect and nourish the skin and stimulate cell renewal. 
The mask provides instant results for tired and dull skin.  The gel mask dries up on the face and absorbs impurities, dead skin cells and free radicals. After peeling of the mask the skin remains clean, elastic and fresh. To complete the treatment, it is recommended to use Shemen Amour cream. 
Instructions for use: apply a thin and homogenous layer of the mask onto the face avoiding skin around the eyes. In 15 minutes, when the mask dries up, gently peel it off. 
Suitable for all skin types
Recommended for use twice a week



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