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Dead Seas' Secret

417 meter under the sea level, in the lowest place in the world there is a rich world of Vitamins and Minerals. The research about the Dead Sea began in 1778 byLebuazia. He checked what the Dead Seas' water contains.

Gi Lusak published another description about the Chemical compounds of the Dead Seas' water in 1818.

prestigious journal "Nature" published an important article, based on the research of Elazar Wolkani, who improves that there is life in the Dead Sea.The first Research submarine wil go down deeply in the Dead Sea to study the water and the ground there.

The good influence of the Dead Sea Minerals were known Since the famous queen: Cleopatra. She told about the virtues of these minerals beauty treatments.
The spas from the Roman Days show that Dead Sea was known as a place of many kinds of treatment.

Dead Sea - A Center of Health & Beauty

The water of the Dead Sea are special one. There are'nt such water anyplace. The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltest place in the world. The area of the Dead Sea is a center of health.

There you can wash the body in the water, and wash in the Thermal springs. have black mud treatment, and have e
xposure to the sun which has a special UV radiation.
In the Dead Sea there is a concentration of 33% salt and minerals. (3% only in the ocean).

The c
omposition of the minerals in the Dead Sea helps the Metabolism of the cells, help the rehabilitation and renewal of them, and work as a good disinfectant and removes harmful substances from the skin.

Black Mud from the Dead Sea - Makes the skin alive, rich with natural Minerals, makes your skin healthy. It helps the renewal of the cells and prevent aging of the skin, s
timulants the blood circulation, increases the Oxygen which is in the skin and strengthens the structure of the skins' texture.

The black mud takes out dead cells and gives you a bright and smooth skin (and hair).
The black mud is ideal for many kinds of skin - illness in many areas in the body.

When you go into the Dead Seas' water, your body has many F
zivlogyim and Hormonal changes, and it gives a great relief to many  kinds of Autoimmune diseases.

what is the connection between Dead Sea and the Alternative Medicine?

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world, 417 meters under the sea level. The dead Sea is the only place which has the four elements of life in the same one place:
Fire, Air, Water, Ground.
In each one there are unique
healing properties. the whole elements are medical method. It's important to know that the Dead Sea has all of them.
What is the meaning of it?

  The fire is the sun. We all know the dangerous sun which can cause the
  Melanoma. Butthe sun in the Dead Sea is healthy to the skin, because the Dead
  Sea is healthy to the skin, because the Dead Sea is very low, and the rays have
  to travel along to arrive to the skin. That is the reason the sun there
  doesn't burn the skin. It's Ideal not only for Tanningbut also for healing. There
is a great influence on
Psoriasis and act.

  The ground means the black mud which is in the beaches. People dig it for their
  treatments. The black mud has Medicinal properties and Cosmetic
properties, and you can see it well after the treatment.

  The air - Its improved that the air in the Dead Sea is saturated with 6% more
  Oxigen than anyplace. This environment is very good to the people who has
  Lung diseases. Groups of People who suffering from C.F. (Sistic Fibrosis) comes
  to the dead sea for a winter camp from all over he world. In their countries its
  very cold in the winter and in the Dead Sea the weather is nice and the air full
of Oxygen. In addition there is Bromine in the air and it relaxes the Nervous system.

  The water - when we talk about the water it's important to know that there are 3 kinds of water
Dead Seas' water, Mineral thermal water, and Mineral water for drinking - Ein Gedi.
  Dead Seas' water are very salt, with a concentration of 350 g salt per liter. The water contains 24  
  different minerals. In the Dead Sea you can float easily. It says you can have Hydrotherapy 
  treatments in the Pools without using elements to help the body float. In the beach there are two places of Mineral thermal springs, rich in Sulfur.




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